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Gift Guide: Candles For 7 Types Of Grapplers

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“What do I get someone who does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?”

Whether you are treating yourself after a day of tough training or seeking the perfect gift for someone who trains BJJ, our candles are great accompaniments to wind down after a long day and they make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, promotions and any other occasions.

In this BJJ gift guide, we make shopping our collection easy for you by presenting candles ideal for 7 different types of grapplers. From unassuming newbies, die-hard BJJ addicts to stealthy submission seekers, we have all met them at some point of our martial arts journey. If you haven’t, it is probably you.

[ White Belt Tears ] – The Newbie

Fresh eyed and eager to learn, the Newbie is not hard to spot.

Spotted in a crease-free gi, the newbies struggle to master the art of belt tying and their go-to phrase after every round of technique demonstration is, “Could you show it again?” They may nail the technique after a few attempts but more often than not, they pause mid-roll and with a look of confusion, turn towards the professor for help. Usually on the defence, the Newbie is awed by how sleek seasoned grapplers are able to entrap and work towards a submission.

Frequently crying tears of submission or tears of joy after surviving a round with an upper belt without tapping out, White Belt Tears is built with the Newbie in mind.

zeke candle white belt tears

[ Oss ] – The BJJ Addict

The guy who practically sleeps in his gi.

The BJJ Addict clocks more time on the mat than at home. He has an unofficial locker space with spare gi and BJJ gear… wait is that also a toothbrush? Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is all he talks about and his friends sit through hours of him explaining the newest techniques he had learnt, sometimes even enduring live demonstrations. It doesn’t take an expert to figure out his interest from his Google search history and Youtube recommendations. He keeps up to date and is the first to know about the latest happenings in the world of BJJ.

Slap, bump, roll, repeat. That’s the BJJ Addict’s mantra. Oss

oss zeke candle

[ Lights Out ] – The Submission Seeker

Determined, unyielding and precise.

This ninja-in-training is always on the hunt for a clean submission. Usually on the offence, rolling with the Submission Seeker is like being caught up in his spider web, constantly having to defend against attacks. Executing smooth transitions from one dominant position to the next, one submission to the other, protect your neck and limbs from this stealthy ninja at all cost.

Remember to tap out before it’s too late, otherwise it’s Lights Out for you, my friend.

lights out zeke candle

[ Swept Off My Feet ] – The Experienced Grappler

Someone we can all learn a thing or two from.

Often called up for technique demonstration with the professor, the Experienced Grappler is cool, calm and composed when he rolls. He is a walking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu encyclopedia and always have a trick up his sleeve when it comes to reversing a tricky position. Rolling with him feels like being a human rubrics cube, he is adept at putting you where he wants you to be and sometimes that means on your back with an unexpected sweep.

Blink and get Swept Off My Feet, the Experienced Grappler doles out generous servings of humble pies with his sophisticated sweeps.

swept off my feet zeke candle

[ Pyjamas Party ] – The Social Butterfly

Everyone knows this guy. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.

The Social Butterfly is friends with everybody at the gym, from trainees, coaches, front desk staff, back-office team and even the gym’s regular cleaner. This guy is friends with everyone and hypes up every class. Super enthusiastic about warm-ups, he is the first to get on the mat when class starts and he shouts ‘Oss’ with must gusto. Commonly spotted attending multiple classes a day, you usually hear from before you even see him. 

Get the Pyjamas Party started and let the good times roll indeed.

pyjamas party zeke candle

[ Fresh Laundry ] – The Hygiene Ambassador

Showered before class? Check.

Trimmed nails? Check.

Identify a Hygiene Ambassador using your sense of smell. He wears a distinct signature scent that smells like freshly washed gi and clean shampoo. Beyond showering and trimming his nails before class in consideration of others, the more advanced Hygiene Ambassador even brushes his teeth to eliminate the risk of bad breath. He is always ready with a pack of band-aids should you get a finger blister. Upholding the good name of a Hygiene Ambassador, this guy can be counted on to help clean up the gym after training.

Time for a load of Fresh Laundry.

fresh laundry zeke candle

[ Free Hugs ] – The Technical Roller

Quiet, unassuming and doesn’t look like a threat.

The Technical Roller may not be the biggest guy at the gym but has plenty of technical expertise under his belt. Because of his smaller stature, he puts in the work to master the details of each technique, is skilled at using your own weight against you and is able to put you on your back or flatten you out before you know it. Be sure to get on his good side, you want to be his friend not foe.

When this guy hands out Free Hugs, be prepared for a round of intense cuddling.

free hugs zeke candle