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Our Story

The Making of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai Inspired Candles.

Zeke candle is inspired by the time we spend on the mats – the familiar crushing weight of side control, an accidental stray kick to the head, and the sweet despair of knowing we are getting submitted with no escape plan. 

Through it all, we realised that as much as technique is important, humour is a powerful fuel for motivation when the going gets tough and it is a bonding force that brings the martial arts community together. In our own unique way, we hope to add value to the fabric of our community.

Being able to give back to the community matters to us. We pledge a portion of our candle sales to non-profit organisations within our community.

Zeke Candle creates unique concept candles.

Versed in the art of candle science, our in-house artisans developed a trade-secret Custom Parasoy Wax Blend for the best olfactory experience.

Our Studio

Artisanal candle making journey from start to finish.

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We create unique concept candles with premium materials sourced from the USA and Australia for the best olfactory experience.

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We put our candles through months of rigorous testing until they pass our performance and safety standards for clean and even burns.

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Our candles are hand poured in small batches and made with passion. Each candle you receive is uniquely yours.

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Candles are sealed in our signature Zeke Gift Bags and completed with personalised cards.

Zeke Parasoy Wax Blend™

Created by in-house artisans, our trade-secret blend of natural soy and fully purified food-grade mineral wax delivers the best olfactory experience. Our non-toxic candles feature beautiful creamy smooth tops and burns cleanly and evenly with luxurious scent throws.

No one makes candles like us.

USD$1 From Every Muay Thai Product Goes To Wor. Watthana

Wor. Watthana is a community funded gym based in Isaan, Thailand, that empowers children through Muay Thai.

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Tap Cancer Out Fundraiser

USD$1 From Every BJJ Product Goes To Tap Cancer Out

Tap Cancer Out is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation that raises awareness and funds for cancer-fighting beneficiaries on behalf of the grappling community.