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The Anatomy of Zeke Candle

zeke candle

‘Zeke’ is short for Ezekiel choke.

It is a brand name that represent our ideals and one that ties us back to the roots of the BJJ community. We take great care in every step of our candle making, from the ideation of our brand name, sourcing of premium materials to handcrafting individual candles from scratch.

In The Anatomy Of Zeke Candle, join us on a behind-the-scenes journey we bring down the curtain to unveil our sources of inspiration and the intentions behind every decision we had made that contributed to the making of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai inspired candles.

Passion Project From The Heart

Inspired by the times we spend on the mat, Zeke was born out of our genuine desire to pay tribute to the blood, sweat and tears we endure for the sport. In our own unique eccentric way, we wish to give back to the sport that has given us so much by adding to the fabric of our community. As such, US$1 from every BJJ candle purchase goes to our 501(c)(3) non-profit partner Tap Cancer Out which raises funds for cancer-fighting organisations. Join our fight!

tap cancer out

Androgynous Design Inspiration


Zeke reflects the inclusive nature of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through our transcending androgynous designs. After many late nights and intense brainstorms, we created our signature grey-centric visual blueprint that is luxurious, athletic and minimalistic, designed to resonate with everyone from all walks of life. Our visual identity directs our decision in all aspects including product development.

zeke candle inspiration moodboard

Artisanal Candle Making

zeke candle aluminum tin


A matte black aluminum vessel was chosen as it sports a minimalistic design that fits well in every space from home to gym. The color black embodies the grit of a BJJ athlete and the understated color hints at a stealth attack you did not see coming. The tin’s medium size fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be easily packed for travels. Its accompanying metal lid shields candle wax from dust and accidental wax spillage.


Unlike traditional candles with scent-focused labels, we let memories from the times spent on the mat take centrestage. A classic black on white label allows each candle name to stand out.

Zeke Parasoy Wax Blend™

Dissatisfied with the performance of pure soy candles, we developed a trade-secret Zeke Custom Parasoy Wax Blend with superior scent throw and beautiful creamy smooth tops. Wax is a huge part of a candle’s delivery system so the quality of wax blend impacts how it burns. We source our waxes from trusted suppliers in the United States.

zeke custom parasoy wax blend
hand poured zeke candle

Fragrance Oil

We formulate unique fragrance oil blends in-house and continually push the boundaries of what a typical candle would smell like. Blended at a specific temperature and in optimal proportions, we present unexpected scents such as coffee and also the world’s first-of-its-kind Muay Thai Oil scented candle.

Source from Australia, our fragrance oils generally to bind better with candle waxes and offer unparalleled opportunities to create unique scent options as compared with essential oils.


Pre-waxed wicks are easier to light up than plain wicks. Our wicks are tested to be of the best size for our vessels. A wick that is too big will result in dangerous huge flames that burn off fragrance oils before we even smell them. A wick that is too small will cause candles to tunnel.

Gift Bag

Whether you are treating yourself or buying a gift for someone, each of our candles are sealed in our signature Zeke gift bag or the best luxurious experience.

zeke drawstring gift bag