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Zeke Parasoy Wax BlendTM

Discover our unique trade-secret Zeke Parasoy Wax BlendTM  created by in-house artisans as we bring you back to where it all began and debunk top candle wax myths.

Zeke Parasoy Wax Blend™

Unique trade-secret blend of natural soy and fully purified mineral wax. This non-toxic wax blend burns cleanly and presents beautiful smooth candle tops burn after burn with luxurious scent throws.

No one makes candles like us.

Zeke Parasoy Wax BlendTM


At the beginning, we’d wanted to make 100% soy wax candles due to its marketability.

Greenwashing in the candle industry had painted all unnatural wax alternatives as “bad” and “harmful”. Going against the grain would mean having to overcome preconceptions of mineral wax (paraffin) which makes up a part of our unique wax blend.

But, we felt that something was missing and we weren’t satisfied with just ‘good enough’.

After intensive research and testing, we created our unique Zeke Parasoy Wax BlendTM which delivers

  • Superior scent performance
  • Clean and even burns
  • No black soot on candle vessels
  • Beautiful smooth creamy tops burn after burn (does not crack or have bump surfaces)


Zeke Parasoy Wax BlendTM

Zeke Parasoy Wax BlendTM

Competitor 1

100% Soy

bumpy soy wax

Competitor 2

100% Soy

bumpy soy wax

Debunking Top 3 Candle Wax Myths

As a parasoy wax blend contains paraffin, we understand that it may raise concerns among people who have been told repeatedly by soy candle brands that anything but natural is bad, toxic and harmful to your health.

However, that is not entirely true.

A quick Google search on “Soy vs Paraffin” will turn up clickbait headlines with content that paint one as good and the other as evil. However, upon a closer look, you will find that most of these content are written by soy candle brands who are trying to sell you their candles.

Whether a candle is clean burning depends on factors such as the quality of fragrance oils, wax and wick used.  

Whether a candle soots depends on how the candle was made, wick size, type of vessel used as well as the airflow of the room.

Whether a candle is sustainable depends on manufacturer’s processes.

paraffin vs soy wax myth
paraffin vs soy wax myth
paraffin vs soy wax myth

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Don’t Just Hear It From Us

Wade Thomas from Black Tie Barn has many years of experience working with different wax types. A subject matter expert, hear what he has to say about the many misconceptions of paraffin vs soy wax.